Destination Wedding faq's

When should we start planning our Destination Wedding?

While you may have been dreaming about this day since childhood, we recommend starting the planning process about 12 months before your desired wedding date. 

However, special dates, high seasons and highly sought after resorts can have wedding slots booked out up to 2 years in advance, so while we cannot begin to plan any travel until 330 days prior, we can suggest to get your wedding date booked sooner, especially if a specific date is desired.

Why use a Destination Wedding travel specialist?

While you could do this all on your own, why would you, when you can have expert assistance and guidance at no extra cost?

We eliminate the worry. We are there to answer all your questions. We take care of booking and organizing everyone's travel requirements to your Destination Wedding. 

Our Wedding Planners have visited many destinations and resorts and built relationships with them to get you all the added perks. We know what to do if flights get rescheduled or cancelled and we have the resources to get you the best bang for your buck!

Does it cost more to book with you?


Booking with our destination wedding specialists doesn’t cost you more!

At Wedding Vacations we have access to all the best rates, are able to negotiate group pricing and cost the same or better than booking direct or online. 

Booking through us gives you the added bonus of having someone to talk to in person and you would also be supporting a local business, so for this we thank you!!  

Do you charge a fee?


Your consultation is completely free and after that, should you wish to work with us, we only ask for a "plan to go" pre-authorized deposit. 

So if we don't charge fees, how do we get paid? 

We are paid a commission, the same way all travel agencies are (including online booking sites), by the hotels and tour operators after you have traveled. 

The "plan to go"  pre-authorized deposit is a $250 commitment to us to cover all the upfront work we do for you in the event that no travel ends up being booked. This is only ever charged if the contract is terminated by you. 

What are the best locations for a Destination Wedding?

There are so many beautiful destinations to choose from, you could plan your wedding anywhere you wish! 

The most common destinations for Canadians tend to be those that offer all inclusive resort options. The most affordable destinations in general are the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Other popular wedding and honeymoon destinations include Hawaii, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, Barbados and Europe.

For more information on popular destinations check out our Destination Ideas.

What's included in a beach wedding package?

Nealry all resorts have wedding packages available for couples to choose from. What they include varies but typically they will provide you with services of an on site wedding planner, the ceremony location, decor, cake, and a variety of reception packages.  We can provide you with the details of the wedding packages to help in your decision making.

The cost of beach resort wedding packages varies based on the number of guests in your party and the inclusions of your reception. Some even offer free basic packages with a minimum number of nights stay!

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