Our Honeymoon Planning Travel Agency takes the guess work out of your choices and saves you time that would be better spent on perfecting the details of your wedding! 

All at no extra cost to you!


Saving you time


 Did you know couples who plan their own honeymoons spend an average of 30 hours doing research and comparing prices? Most end up more confused than when they started!

Even the simplest honeymoon can take considerable hours of research and comparison.  

Making the right choice


There are an endless amount of travel packages and honeymoon reviews available online, how do you know what is the right fit for you? 

You can try on your dress, taste the cake, and meet with your officiant before you buy but very rarely can you test drive your honeymoon before you book it. 

Our Honeymoon Services


 By working with us you’ll be able to ask questions and get honest answers, we take the time to get to know you as a couple so we can present you with options that fit your style and we make sure you have all the important information you need to make your decision.

We save you time and provide you with choices you can trust in.

6 reasons to use our honeymoon planning services!

Our personal experience


All the resorts look fantastic online but what are they really like? 

Photos of hotels and resorts online and meant to make them look amazing, but they aren't always showing the truth. We take time to visit destinations & resorts so we can recommend them with confidence and build the relationships to get our clients the added extras. We constantly continue to attend learning and training events to stay current with suppliers and destinations so you don’t have to worry whether or not it’s really going to be what you expected. 

Get exactly what you pay for


"I booked online and when I got there the room type I booked wasn't available!"

People that book online are frequently bumped to other lesser room categories and even different hotels because the one they booked was really sold out. While many don't experience any issues, just as many do (just read any reviews on online booking sites). Is it really worth risking your Honeymoon experience by booking online?

We know that things can sometimes go wrong, flights get cancelled, mistakes happen, but you have us, a direct contact easily reachable, to turn to, to help you out quickly. 

Support local business


When you choose to book travel through a local travel agent, you are keeping money in your community! 

We are all about supporting local businesses and hope you are too.

So if we cost them same as booking online, how do we make money?

We work for you, but we get paid by the hotels after you travel. Online sites get paid the same way we do, so when you book online, you’re paying for a service that you’re not getting .

Is it cheaper if you’re doing all the work, and someone else is getting paid for it? 

Value for your money


We are more than online filters in a search engine!

We take the time to get to know your likes and dislikes so we can create packages that fit both your wish list and your budget. 

Just because a package is the right price it doesn’t mean that it’s a place that you’ll actually enjoy. We look at all the options and piece them together together to make sure that you’re honeymoon is both affordable and will offer the experience you’re looking for. 

Protect your investment


Travel Insurance is the the most important part of any trip package.

So often people forget to include travel insurance as part of their budget. If you don't have any coverage protecting yourselves against the unexpected you are risking the investment you are making in this trip. 

We offer different insurance options from medical only to cancel for any reason policies, so you don’t have to worry about the “what ifs”. 

Free Honeymoon Registry


Honeymoon Registries can be a great alternative to traditional ones.

List anything you want to do on your honeymoon...even portions of your trip. It works just like a gift registry, only your guests give you gifts to help make your honeymoon perfect. Would you rather have the honeymoon you have always dreamed of instead of more "stuff" for your house?

On average, our couples receive $2,500 in gift money to spend on their honeymoon!

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