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Your Destination Wedding Planner specialist will take the time to discuss with you budgets (yours and your guests), your overall wedding vision and will make recommendations based on your wish list and on our knowledge of suppliers who are experienced in hosting weddings. 

Our Travel Agency takes in to consideration factors such as marriage requirements for a particular destination, likely weather conditions for the season and availability of particular amenities that meet the needs of you and your guests.


Putting it together

First we confirm availability at your selected destination and reserve the date. We will also put you in touch with the on site wedding department and their planners, they will assist you with your decor package choices and the details of your ceremony and reception.

We will then begin to coordinate all of your group travel requirements. If possible we will negotiate a group rates for air, hotel accommodation, travel protection, airport transfers, car rentals, tours and excursions, and any other travel related service you or your group members may require. 


Taking care of you & your guests

While you concentrate on the fun things like dress shopping and ceremony planning, we will contact your guests on your behalf to present them with the travel options for attending your wedding, along with providing you all with any important information such as visa or vaccination requirements and travel insurance options. We will work with each guest personally to accommodate any requests and individual requirements they may have.  

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